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Glow Sign Board

Glow signboards are a popular form of exterior promotion, and notice the location of the store. They make it possible to achieve the desired effect even in adverse lighting conditions. We also provide automatic lighting solutions that run at a predetermined time or create variable lighting effects. We supply complete solutions for light protrusions, including wiring.
We deal with the design, design and specific construction requirements of our customers. We do not tie our customers with the box design, we implement non-traditional and spatially imaginative solutions.

LED 3D Signages

Three dimensions of the future
Do you find signboards or stickers a bit boring and dull? Discover a new path, explore the third dimension and get a 3D logo. It will give your company a visual appeal and a touch of exclusivity. We can lift any logo from the dust of two-dimensional ordinaryness into 3D and light it up, thus achieving a uniqueness that your potential customers will not forget. We use LED technology for lighting, which means that our lighting is not very energy intensive.

Vinyl Prints

Want an ad that lasts? Are you afraid of the idea that you will be represented by a flaming and tattered board ?!

Use a solid self-adhesive foil that you can easily stick on the advertising panel and more complex blended areas. Vinyl prints can be used as car stickers, various advertising materials, boards, etc.
Vinyl prints are very stable and allow a long life of advertising. Our really wide range of finishes can either significantly improve the design of the designed product, or also serve as a practical protective layer for your prints.

Vinyl Prints on Sunboard

Communicate in style with smooth and stiff posters.
Sun Board, Foamed PVC boards are suitable for the production of billboards, stands and large-scale advertising. The main advantage of PVC boards and PP boards is low weight and price, the possibility of digital printing and gluing with self-adhesive foils. Sunboards have always maintained their standard in terms of stable quality, durability in the outdoor environment and especially excellent properties in further processing. They are very light for their fortress and even large banners can be carried by a single person
Even after a long time, they still look amazing with a cleanly smooth surface.

Backlit Fabric Prints

Due to their scattering properties, fabrics are a great choice for neon signs. Fabrics stretched in the light frame appeal with their sharpness and punch. Our fabrics are washable, scratch resistant.

These lightweight materials can be used indoors and outdoors. The LED strip is economical and yet illuminates your advertisement to enchant passers-by.

ECO Solvent Prints

Attractive, ecological, exterior-resistant printing for advertising and artistic graphics is not harmful to health and is therefore ideal for interiors.
Our prints are nature-friendly, full of rich colors and absolutely odorless. We can expect exceptionally high print quality, which is not the case with solvent media.
If you are looking for printing and production of high quality images from biodegradable materials, Eco-solvent print is a unique choice for you

Banners & Marketing Posters & Roll-Ups

Roll up is the fastest presentation wrapped in an elegant portable case. Just a little, roll up and your presentation is ready. It’s a very impressive solution for standard printed banners that will captivate every one of your customers.
Banners, advertising flags and canvas are also made from the same PVC tarpaulin. The material is characterized by long life and durability.

Magnetic Vinyl

Self-adhesive magnetic foil brings a wide range of possibilities of its use. It is widely used for advertising purposes, but the excellent properties of this magnetic foil can also be used at home, especially if you have children.

These portable advertising solutions with our magnetic advertising signs. They can be attached to any magnetic surface, such as iron and steel, are easy to apply and remove, leaving no residue. Our magnetic tags are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are printed on an ultra durable magnetic substrate.

We also offer custom-shaped options where we can provide magnetic markings that can fit almost anywhere from refrigerators, offices, walls to vehicles (they are very easy to put on and then remove, so they are very popular for many businesses)

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics and prints are special vinyl prints for advertising and pedestrian solutions not only in the premises. Great for conferences, events such as trade fairs and any retail environment. Floor prints can be individual pieces or even larger floor sizes.
We make it easier for clients to make the most of the space and thus increase their ability to attract the attention of customers, visitors and guests and influence them with the help of visual stimuli created according to specific needs.

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